Notice on church reopening in August

We will resume our church service in August both on live streaming starting from 2/8 and physical service from 16/8. Please find out more information from this video

Resume of Physical Sunday Worship Service at Church

Dear brothers and sister, we are resuming our church service this Sunday (16/8) with limited seats (36 seats) after practising 1m social distancing. At the same time, live streaming on youtube is still going on. If you prefer to join the physical service at church, please observe the following SOPs:

1) Only adults above 12 years old and below 70 are allowed to attend.

2) Those with temperature above 37.5°C are not allowed to enter.

3) Wear mask at all time.

4) At the registration counter, please scan the barcode using "MySejahtera" apps after temperature is taken. So, please download the apps before coming. After that, you will be given a sticker with your seat number. Sit at assigned seat. Please refer to attachment below for the view of our seating arrangement.

5) Sanitize your hands before entering sanctuary.

6) Socializing is not allowed.

7) Bring your own pen and Bible.

8) Follow instruction to leave church through designated exit.

9) No lingering after adjournment.

10) Stay at home if you feel unwell or just come back from travelling in the past 14 days.

11) For offering, you can put into the offering box at the entrance before entering church, or make online banking to Public Bank 3198567429 Agape Grace Methodist Church

AGMC Sanctuary Plan for individual Seat Arrangement.pdf